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Solutions for Animal Healthcare


Infectious diseases in poultry can be induced by viruses, bacteria, mycoplasmas, and fungi in single or mixed infections. To meet this demand, FarmVet Dx’s multiplex PCR assays have been widely applied to save birds and profits.


The lives of millions of people depend on the health of ruminants such as cattle and sheep. With fewer natural resources ..


From piglets to sows, FarmVet Dx is dedicated to the health of swine and the sustainability of pig farms by providing differentiated health solutions.


Infections, although showing common clinical symptoms like pneumonia, are caused by bacterial, viral or parasitic agents. These are often reported in sheep and goats populations and cause huge economic losses to the animal owners. FarmVet Dx’s multiplex PCR for simultaneous pathogen detection can save considerable time and labor costs.


FarmVet Dx helps aquaculture producers and conservationists cultivate and maintain healthy and sustainable aquatic ecosystems.


New efforts are needed to safeguard biodiversity and conserve ecosystems. FarmVet Dx’s molecular testing provides real solutions.

About Us

FarmVet Dx is a therapeutic management company specializing in targeted PCR molecular diagnostics to improve clinical care in all species of animals. Our revolutionary molecular technology provides a firm foundation for diagnostics in animal health services for veterinarians, farmers, and pet owners. FarmVet Dx believes that the only diagnostic test that should be performed is one that will improve an animal’s overall outcome.

FarmVet Dx takes pride in a “no compromise” policy for animal health, striving to be the market leader in the molecular diagnostic veterinary industry. From inception, our goal has been to advance the current diagnostic studies, improve clinical management outcomes for the animal population

Our Mission

FarmVet Dx

Our mission is to improve and make animal healthcare more accessible by creating a productive online environment for veterinarian consultations and animal treatment.

Our Services

Our services including TeleHealth, Molecular Laboratory Services, Pharmacy, and Antibiotic Stewardship for all livestock.

What is veterinary telehealth?

FarmVet Dx TeleHealth makes it easy to get the care you need. FarmVet Dx TeleHealth lets you talk with experienced veterinarians by phone, tablet or computer anytime, anywhere.

Laboratory Diagnostics

Our laboratory services surpass conventional veterinary services offering Rapid Molecular Pathogen Detection with our state-of-the-art laboratory. FarmVet Dx is the market leader in animal molecular diagnostics. We strive to provide solutions to improve clinical outcomes for animal health.

Antibiotic Stewardship

FarmVet Dx brings you the finest Antibiotic Stewardship for animals, offering responsible services with cutting edge molecular technology to assist with detection of diseases, and the required dosage of antibiotics for your animals. As a part of competent services, we believe in preventing the after-effects and potential harm from antibiotics, avoiding antibiotic residue in the animal products, and enabling best practices to prevent excessive antibiotic usage.

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