From piglets to sows, FarmVet Dx is dedicated to the health of swine and the sustainability of pig farms by providing differentiated health solutions. Our expertise is in preventative farm care and herd health management through two focus areas: sows and pigs.

The incentive for farmers

Disease has a cost to producers, as it takes resources of time, labor and supplies to treat, and it slows overall production. Sick livestock often go off feed and subsequently miss benchmarks for average daily gains.

“Reducing antibiotic need by improving biosecurity and overall herd health is a win-win goal on the producers’ side,” said Dr. Liu. “First, reducing medical cost, second reducing the public concerns on the overuse of antibiotics in livestock. But the most important purpose for society is to reduce the development of antibiotic resistance.”

Focus upstream, not on the drug usage itself

Dr. Heather Fowler, director of producer and public health at the National Pork Board, believes the target for reduction is in reducing the need for antibiotics.

“I think it’s one thing to say, ‘We need to decrease our use of antibiotics,'” she says. “But we need to focus on more than the outcome alone and look upstream. We need to think about how we reduce our need for antibiotics, and that will have that ultimate outcome of also decreasing our overall use.”

Stewardship, then, is utilizing all the tools available before there is a need for antibiotics.

The correct diagnosis matched to the right antibiotic the first time.

The judicious use of antibiotics not only results in more profits for producers, but increases consumer confidence. When healthy cattle leave the farm and reach the marketplace, the producer, packer, and consumer all benefit.

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