Antibiotic Stewardship

Antibiotic Stewardship

The Stewardship of Animal Healthcare Through Superior Diagnostics and Cutting Edge Molecular Technology
FarmVet Dx brings you the finest Antibiotic Stewardship for animals, offering responsible services with cutting edge molecular technology to assist with detection of diseases, and the required dosage of antibiotics for your animals. As a part of competent services, we believe in preventing the after-effects and potential harm from antibiotics, avoiding antibiotic residue in the animal products, and enabling best practices to prevent excessive antibiotic usage. Our antibiotic steward services help us identify multiple areas of assistances for veterinarians and farmers.

Antibiotic Resistance

As an efficient antibiotic stewardship provider, FarmVet Dx assists farmers in providing and maintaining the correct dosage of antibiotics for animals. Animals may suffer from severe bacterial infections in the case of an antibiotic deficiency. A resistance to antibiotics may result in an infection that cannot be treated by antibiotics. Antibiotic resistance may be caused by excessive use of antibiotics in animals, and as a result, may cause resistance in animals, as well humans who either come in contact with antibiotic residue in animal waste found in manure or fertilizers or if consumed in cattle or livestock.

Antibiotic Resistance In Humans

The transfer of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to humans is often caused due to consumption of infected animals. Poultry products, beef, and dairy are some of the most common carriers of such bacteria in a human body. Antibiotics Stewardship services by FarmVet Dx include awareness and measures to reduce the transfer of such bacteria from animals to humans.

Benefits of Antibiotic Uѕе In Animals

Antibiotics have been found to bring a range of benefits for animals, including increased growth rate, treatment of ill animals, and defending against infections. However, the most common use of antibiotics in animals is to provide increased immunity and better growth in animals. An increased growth rate is also dependent on the number of antibiotics prescribed, and the dosage delivered to the animals. FarmVet Dx serves its’ purpose as an antibiotic stewardship company with the goal to guarantee the abidance of medications and dosage to ensure optimal results.
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