Ensuring safe and sustainable meat and dairy products

The lives of millions of people depend on the health of ruminants such as cattle and sheep. With fewer natural resources and a growing population, our goal is to improve farm intelligence and help ranchers with higher yields and more efficient production.

The science of healthier animals

It’s essential to maintain the health of animals so they can produce optimally in the future. FarmVet Dx offers veterinary healthcare with a focus on the following key health areas:

Disease Prevention

Preventing infection, improving immunity and minimizing disease risk using a science-based approach to vaccination, housing, hygiene and nutrition.

Prompt Diagnosis & Treatment

Identifying and treating disease before it has a chance to spread, as well as reducing disease severity or preventing complications.

Health Restoration

Restoring the health of affected animals.

Committing to the future of ruminant health

FarmVet Dx aims to shape the future of ruminant health and well-being through our pioneering science, technology, and insights-driven solutions. As we work toward a world with better cattle farming and a sustainable meat and milk supply, we focus on the following key areas:
Animal well-being

Helping keep animals free of stress and housed correctly with optimal husbandry.

Precision cattle

Offering technological solutions to facilitate the prediction, monitoring, early detection, and appropriate treatment of disease.


Providing evidence-based animal traceability solutions to help ranchers and farmers identify diseased and at-risk animals are by combining each animal’s unique DNA along with data analytics to ensure alignment with food industry requirements and consumer goals.

Identification and Monitoring

FarmVet Dx Livestock Intelligence is a livestock portfolio of digital products within FarmVet Dx. Its identification and monitoring technology provides real-time actionable information to help farmers improve livestock management.

Bovin ID™



Antibiotic Stewardship For Cattle Producers

The judicious use of antibiotics not only results in more profits for producers, but increases consumer confidence. When healthy cattle leave the farm and reach the marketplace, the producer, packer, and consumer all benefit.

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