Our Leadership

Rikki Horne, PharmD, DICVP, FSVHP

Chief Antimicrobial Stewardship Pharmacist

Rikki Horne is responsible for leading our clinical vision, working cross-functionally to improve health outcomes for farmers, and ensuring we deliver the best-possible pharmaceutical solution when and where it’s needed.

Rikki’s focus includes development, initiation and implementation process of antimicrobial stewardship programs in livestock settings. She is interested in the education and relation/correlation of veterinary and human infectious diseases and antibiotic use. Rikki led the strategy and vision for animal healthcare solutions and helped establish a formal function to develop a portfolio of technology and data-driven solutions for antimicrobial stewardship ecosystem. Prior to that, Rikki held leadership roles at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine Center, where she led the design of integrated health and wellness solutions for employers and animal healthcare plans.

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